Best Bitcoin כריית השוואה. Hashflare vs בראשית כרייה
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Bitcoin bulls buy BTC’s $35K support retest as altcoins push higher

Calls for Bitcoin (BTC) to rally above $40,000 were dashed as the top cryptocurrency hit a wall of resistance which sparked a sell-off in the early trading hours. Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show the price of BTC fell as low as $34,368 before rebounding to its current price of $37,300. Daily cryptocurrency market

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Galaxy enters Bitcoin mining, launches financial services unit for miners

Galaxy Digital — the financial services and cryptocurrency investment management firm founded by Mike Novogratz — has set its sights on establishing a footing in the Bitcoin (BTC) mining sector. After a year of increasingly diversifying its products and activities, the company has announced two new forays into the Bitcoin mining sector for 2021. ה…

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4 reasons why the top 15 richest Bitcoin wallets still matter in 2021

Transparency is one of the most intriguing aspects of cryptocurrency and it was this openness that drew many early supporters to Bitcoin (BTC).  Blockchain technology makes all information associated with the network’s operation accessible for anyone interested in taking a look. Every known address, transaction, fee paid and other details relating to multisignature and SegWit

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4 סיבות מדוע סוחרי אפשרויות Ethereum מצפים שמחיר ה- ETH יגיע $880

אתר (ETH) מחיר צבר 88% מאז נובמבר, להדהים אפילו את המשקיעים הכי שוריים כאשר האלטקוין העליון הבטיח א 2020 גבוה ב $750. Aside from the upcoming CME ETH futures launch scheduled for Feb. 8, הצמיחה הפנומנלית של הערך הכולל נעול (TVL) בפרוטוקולים של פיננסים מבוזרים היה גם תפקיד מרכזי. סך הכל…

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אלה 4 מדדי המחירים העיקריים של ביטקוין משקפים בבירור סוחרים’ אופטימיות שורית

As Bitcoin (BTC) price tested the $17,580 low on Dec. 11, investors remained relatively calm despite some analysts issuing bearish estimates. Last week’s trading may have finished at the same level where it started, but the fundamentals for Bitcoin have become even stronger. BTC/USD 4-hour chart. מקור: TradingView Each time Bitcoin makes a new high,…

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בורסת הקריפטו ההודית CoinDCX גייסה 14 מיליון דולר בסיבוב השלישי שלה 2020

CoinDCX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India, continues to aggressively expand its business with a massive new fundraise. על פי דצמבר. 21 הודעה, CoinDCX has raised $13.9 million from industry investors like Coinbase and Polychain in its Series B funding round. Led by major blockchain software firm, the new raise also included Singaporean investment

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