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6 Crypto-centric songs you may not have heard

While the cryptocurrency industry is mostly centered around technology and data, the people who inhabit our sector are not without their creativity. This is seen not only in the various solutions and inventions they create, but also in their artistic (and often humorous) werken. Over the years, folks of the crypto space have crafted songs

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Institutional managers hold a record $13.9B worth of Ethereum

Institutional investment managers bought $30.2 miljoen aan Ethereum (ETH) vorige week, bringing their total holdings to a record $13.9 miljard, according to CoinShares. Inflows into Ethereum products appears to be ramping up as investors devote greater attention and resources to the smart-contract platform. Month-to-date inflows for ETH products totaled $170 miljoen, bringing the yearly

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DEX-volumes blijven stijgen, zelfs als Bitcoin en altcoins correct zijn

Gedecentraliseerde financiering (Défi) begonnen 2021 by taking the cryptocurrency sector by storm and helping to kick the bull market cycle into high gear as traders capitalized on ways to easily trade cryptocurrencies and earn high yields on their hodl stacks. Eventually, high fees on the Ethereum (ETH) network and a few sharp market sell-offs helped

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