Best Bitcoin כריית השוואה. Hashflare vs בראשית כרייה
Bitcoin ענן כריית רשימת השוואה. חוזים למעלה ענן כרייה נבדקו

מחיר אתריום נע לשיאים חדשים גם כאשר סוחרים מקצוענים הופכים לדוביים

אתר (ETH) price fell by 19.6% באפריל 18, resulting in the quick liquidation of $1 billion in long futures contracts. Despite the size of this record liquidation and its impact on Ether price, the futuresopen interest remained above $20.5 מיליארד, שהוא 5% below the previous month.

After the sell-off, there were signs that investor sentiment deteriorated, which was evident in derivatives markets.

מבחינה היסטורית, there’s much higher borrowing demand for Ether longs as opposed to shorts. Over the past couple of days, the long-to-short ratio flipped, reaching the lowest level since December 2018.

ETH futures aggregate open interest. מקור: Bybt

There’s hardly any news that could justify the substantial price correction, as Ether has no direct relation with Coinbase ($COIN) shares receding, Bitcoin של (BTC) falling hashrate or TV host Jim Cramer calling Bitcoinphoney money.

למרות זאת, investors have reason to worry about potential harsh cryptocurrency regulation. Over the weekend, unsubstantiated news of the United States Department of Treasury bringing money laundering charges emerged. The focus would have been financial institutions that used cryptocurrencies, but little has come of this.

בפברואר, ג'נט ילן, the secretary of the U.S. Treasury and a known crypto critic, cited the misuse of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities as a growing concern. בינתיים, the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes signaled that the reporting of foreign financial accounts could include digital currencies.

The potential move means FinCEN may soon require individuals to file annual Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBARs, for cryptocurrencies held on foreign exchanges.

לכן, משקיעים’ increased interest in Ether shorts could have been fueled by the potential regulatory changes. למרבה הפלא, Ether price currently stands less than 5% below its $2,550 שיא של כל הזמנים.

Ether price (orange) and Ether long-to-short ratio at Bitfinex (כחול). מקור: TradingView

As the above chart shows, the average demand for Ether longs at Bitfinex exchange has been 65% higher than shorts over the last couple of months. On April 20, this indicator shifted, favoring the shorts and reaching its lowest level since December 2018.

Ethereum network congestion is another reason causing traders to act more carefully. Over the past couple of months, the average transaction cost stood near $16, making it quite impractical for individuals looking to facilitate smaller transactions.

The recent Berlin update has laid the groundwork for the much bigger London hard fork, which will activate EIP-1559. The controversial change will overhaul Ethereum’s existing fee structure, but experts stated that the new base fee mechanism would not provide a long-term solution for Ethereum scalability problems.

Whatever the reason behind Bitfinex’s margin markets shifts favoring bears, there’s no indicator better than the 20% ETH price increase that took place over the previous four days. As of now, this isolated indicator should not be deemed worrisome, and it appears that Ether price is en route to new all-time highs.

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