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  • Bring your own device program
  • Credit card payment and wire transfer is available
  • Avoin uima-altaan valinta


  • Client must ship the mining equipment on own cost
  • No co-hosting option
  • Reservation fees are payable upfront
  • SCAM


About HashPlex

HashPlex offers it services since 2014. The founder and CEO of the startup is Bernie Rihn, who has been studying Electrical Engineering at Stanford. Before moving into miner hosting, Bernie has been working for Microsoft Surfaces and contributed to 8 patents under the name of the corporation. He has built his own FPGA miner in his free time. Aikana 2014, several online media had interviewed him to explain the new services.

HashPlex purchase reservationThe Seattle based company has raised $400,000 from the first seed founding round during the summer of 2014. The company is now getting advices from Barry Silber, the leader of Bitcoin Opportunity Corp and Jason Prado ex-Googler, now senior engineer at Facebook.

They opened their first data center in April 2014 which was filled up with mining equipment within the first month. Soon after that, in September they opened the first all-custom HashCenter with 1MW power supply.

HashPlex uses renewable energy to supply electricity to their farm which makes it a greener energy solution compare to what the miners can obtain at home. With the availability of hydropower, HashPlex has the opportunity to utilize 80% of it’s power output from water. Beyond having an environmental friendly electricity solution, hydropower makes the facility more efficient in terms of power utilizing.

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all – depends on the client’s mining rig


Seattle, Washington

Tarjotut palvelut

HashPlex is providing hosting services to cryptocurrency miners. Clients can ship their mining equipment to HashPlex’s facility where they take care of the rigs. They promise to setup the hardware just 6 hours after receipt and make them earn money for their owners. At HashPlex Centers, the company cares for the mining rigs just like it would be their own. HashPlex offers full service with it’s send-it-and-forget-it hosting policy. They do not have self-hosting or co-location opportunity in order to simplify processes which creates savings ultimately on the customer ends.

HashPlex HashCentersThe hosting company guarantees 99.9% uptime. In case the hardware is not running for more than 5% of the time, due to downtime in HashPlex systems, they offer a refund for that month of service. They return highly malfunctioning miners to the customers, to make everyone’s life easier.

The contracts are signed for at least 1 vuosi. The first four month fee is due at the time of the registration. This part of the charge is refundable up until any time before the service begins and the hardware start producing earnings. The second part of the reservation fee is payable after the first 30 days period of earnings started.

HashPlex accepts payments in bitcoins via the BitPay platform. Unlike many other cloud mining company, HashPlex also accept all major US credit cards and debit cards with the help of Amazon Payments. Clients may also pay for the reservation fee at the HashPlex data centers by international wire transfers.

As an additional feature, clients can also buy new mining equipment from HashPlex. They offer discounted price if clients purchase the rigs together with hosting services.

Maksut ja hinnoitteluaikataulu

HashPlex pricing is based on the electricity that the miners consume. Basically they are providing the electricity at a little higher price that includes the maintenance fee. The mining hardware is not owned by HashPlex, but by the clients.

HashPlex Alpha PlanClients can sign up to three different plans that are based on the electricity consumption – the more electricity is purchased, the better price the clients get.

  • The Alpha plan is charged at 99 USD per monthly KW, from min. 1 KW
  • The Beta plan is charged at 89 USD per monthly KW, from min. 30 KW
  • The Gamma plan is charged at a custom price, where the power consumption is above 500 KW if the user signs up for at least a two years of service.

HashPlex Beta PlanIn order to determine the cost of running a mining hardware, HashPlex provides the estimated charges based on the amount of power consumed by the mining rigs.

So for example:

  • Spondoolies and Cointerra miners are hosted from 198 USD (1-1.5 TH / s)
  • KNC Miners and Antminers from 99 USD (0.5-1 TH / s).

The mining plans include the cost of the setup of the equipment, all the power, internet charges that is used, the accessories, such as racks, ethernet and power cables, switching and router equipment. Basically all charges that could incur during the cryptocurrency mining activity. Clients however need to send the mining equipment with 80-Plus Gold rates power supplies – the support team is more than willing to answer any technical questions related to the equipment requirements. They service tiny rigs up to multiple megawatt clients.

HashPlex User Experience

On the HashPlex user interface, the clients can control their mining rig just like as if it would be at home. Customers can direct their hashing power and they can monitor the miner’s performance remotely through the cloud. HashPlex is trying to provide detailed information to its clients about all aspects of the mining activity. These information include: hashrates, core temperature, and historical earnings. In order to optimize performance, clients may also choose from various pools.

The support team at HashPlex is smiling from a nice picture. They can answer any technical questions related to mining equipment and requirements over emails.

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Yleinen päätelmä

HashPlex is a unique provider on the cryptocurrency cloud mining market as in stead of offering the mining power of their own machines, they provide hosting opportunity to it’s clients. This way customers can benefits from running their own mining rigs, without the headaches of physically maintaining the machine. They accept many forms of payments beyond bitcoin and also let their users to fully control their mining rigs. HashPlex is a good opportunity for those who already have mining equipment, but before signing up it worth to check the local electricity price, as at some location the power may be much cheaper than what HashPlex can provide.