Best Bitcoin כריית השוואה. Hashflare vs בראשית כרייה
Bitcoin ענן כריית רשימת השוואה. חוזים למעלה ענן כרייה נבדקו

זו הסיבה לכך ששוורים לא מוטרדים מהתפוגה של 525 מיליון דולר של יום שישי ביום שישי

ביום נובמבר. 13, בסך הכל $525 million in Bitcoin (BTC) options open interest is set to expire. This is similar to last week when $470 million in options open interest also expired. This presents somewhat unusual activity as most volume goes through monthly and quarterly options.

ביום נובמבר. 5 (ביום שישי האחרון), put (מכירה) options open interest was 30% larger than call (לקנות) ones. Deribit exchange holds $431 million open interest for this Friday’s expiry and has $72 מיליון.

Before coming to quick conclusions on whether this figure is bullish or bearish, it’s important to take a more detailed view in order to gauge the potential buy and sell pressure near expiry.

לדוגמה, א $18,000 call option holder has not much gain in pushing up the Bitcoin price to $16,500 with less than 32 hours till expiry. These options are already deemed worthless by the market. The same can be said for a put (מכירה) option down to $14,000.

לכן, by excluding call options above $16,700 and put options below $14,400, traders can have attain a more realistic view of the current market conditions.

Deribit BTC options for Nov. 13 expiry. מקור: Deribit

Deribit exchange holds 5,915 BTC call options ranging from $14,000 ל $15,750. has 1,050 BTC and OKEx currently holds 490 BTC. לכן, there’s an immediate $117 million in open interest supporting current levels.

בינתיים, the put options ranging from $15,250 ל $16,500 amount to 2,130 BTC at Deribit, followed by 860 BTC at, plus another 100 BTC at OKEx. לכן, the immediate sell-side pressure amounts to $48 million open interest from put options.

The reason behind this difference is that most put options have been depreciated and have no market value. This movement excludes 84% של ה $298 million put options open interest.

Therefore when analyzing just the option strikes closer to market levels, there is a sizable $69 million imbalance favoring the buy-side. Similar to the previous week, there have been some large bearish trades likely related to U.S. בחירות.

Regardless of the market having enough strength to break the $16,000 resistance, those short-term options are currently supporting $15,500 and higher prices.

OKEx, and Deribit weekly contracts mature Nov. 13 ב 8:00 AM (UTC).

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