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OxBTC Review

OxBTC Review









  • Low cloud mining price and maintenance fee
  • Possibility to trade hashpower
  • Available interest paying bitcoin deposits


  • Multiple cloud mining providers belongs to the same company
  • Only bitcoin and litecoin is accepted as payment methods
  • Some parts of the website in only available in Chinese

About  OxBTC


N/A – China


bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, zcash

Due to rebranding, Zeushash now offers it’s services under the OxBTC platform. Both Zeushash and OxBTC promise to have the most profitable cryptocurrency investment with their cloud mining packages. At OxBTC users can purchase cloud hashing from as low as 0.099 USD per GH/s. The cloud mining is running on mining rigs of one of the world largest cryptocurrency farm.

OxBTC lowest price for cloud mining

About OxBTC (previously Zeushash)

Zeushash is currently rebranding to OxBTC. Under the new name they offer to have even better returns on investments with new plans. With the transfer, clients can enjoy a lower maintenance fee and are guaranteed to have their mining contracts available for long term. The takeover has finished in March 2016, when all the existing cloud contracts have been transferred to OxBTC accounts. But users can still deposit and make withdrawals at Zeushash on the existing accounts. The Zeus hashrates are available to trade on the OxBTC market if clients want to sell them.

OxBTC mining farmOxBTC was founded in October 2014 by several well known Chinese investors. These investors are not named however on their website. One of the founders, Mr. Weicheng Guo  gave some interviews when the platform started and the company offered some huge discounts on the products. From those articles we get to know Mr Guo a bit better. He is around 30 and had several startup projects in different industries before starting OxBTC. He has been involved in bitcoin investment and mining almost from the very beginning.  Under the same name, China also has a politician and a wealthy pharmaceutical supplier, but Mr Guo from OxBTC do not wish to share more information about himself on the internet.

The website is registered by HalleyCloud Technology Ltd. The same company operates the cloud miner as well, where the services offered are very similar. On the !About! page the text is a straight copy over from one site to another. This, together with the closure of Zeushash platform is a strong warning sign that the company in the background might opening and shutting down cloud mining platforms one by one on purpose.

OxBTC global deployment

The cloud mining platform managed to merge together multiple cloud hashing sites during the recent years, including Zeushash as well, which has developed them a huge user base. This also enables them to use a global mining network to increase hashing capacity. The main mining facilities are located in Sichuan, Ordos and Inner Mongolia. All together 5.6 PH/s hashing power belongs to the OxBTC mining farm worldwide. The electricity costs in China mainland let them keep their maintenance fees as low as they can. Their website show pictures of the mining farm, which indeed look like the mining activity is done on a huge scale. However there is no information about the mining equipment of the farm, so the types of miner rigs are not disclosed.


OxBTC First Bitcoin cloud hash contract

Services Provided

OxBTC offers cryptocurrency cloud mining for various altcoins beside bitcoin, such as litecoin and ethereum. Based on the old-for-new package, they offer a better, cheaper and faster cloud mining contract compared to what the users have at other cloud mining providers.

OxBTC 30 day depositAt OxBTC, they prefer to have them called under the name of cryptocurrency investment servicein stead of cloud mining as they want to emphasize the financial nature of the coins Mining can sound too technical for everyday investors. Beside purchasing the hashrates for cryptocurrency mining, at OxBTC the clients can also trade the hashpower on their platform.

The earnings from the mining activity appears right away on the client’s account. There is no holding period, users can withdraw the earnings 24/7. There is no limit for the withdrawals and they charge 0.0001 BTC/0.001 LTC fee on each transaction.

At OxBTC users can pay for the cloud hashing service by bitcoins or by litecoins. Credit card purchases or wire transfers are not accepted payment methods at OxBTC.

OxBTC invite friends

OxBTC is running a referral program. Compared to other affiliate programs at OxBTC there is no fixed commission after each new referred client, but they offer 25% share of the earning of the new client if the user is lucky enough to win. Drawings are happening once a week. The price is 25% of the earning of the mining activity and the interest on the deposits applies for a week long.

In order to enjoy the world’s highest possible return on investments, clients can also invest in bitcoin deposits to earn interest directly. The bitcoin deposits earns 0.01% daily interest. Clients also have the option to invest into a 30 day long fixed deposit contract which results a 8.5% annual percentage yield. Definitely a yield much better than the deposits at the local banks.

OxBTC lowest bitcoin price

Fees and Pricing Schedule

The fees of the cloud mining contracts at OxBTC are depending on the amount of hashpower purchased. The minimum amount of the contracts are very low as well as the fees compared to market competitors.

The cloud mining at OxBTC costs as per below:

  • Bitcoin cloud mining costs $0.099 per GH/s
  • Litecoin cloud mining costs $13 per MH/s
  • Ethereum cloud mining costs $16 per MH/s
  • Zcash cloud mining cost $1.6 per H/s

OxBTC charges daily $0.0009 per GH/s for bitcoin mining and $0.02 per MH/s for the litecoin mining as the maintenance fee of the mining equipment. The maintenance fee is frequently being reviewed and updated once more cost-efficient miners come on board.

OxBTC (previously Zeushash) User Experience

In order to register to OxBTC services, prospective clients need to provide login credentials like user name and password. After the confirmation via email the account is created and the clients can start purchasing hashpowers.

OxBTC easy to invest

The OxBTC website is straight forward to use, however it is very annoying that some part of the site is only available in Chinese that reduces the usability of the platform for non-Chinese speaking users. The FAQ section answers most questions a new user may have, however there is no support team where users can turn to in case of experiencing any issues.

Overall Conclusion

The Zeushash cloud mining platform has transferred its services to OxBTC. The new platform has a very promising pricing structure so clients can start cloud mining bitcoin from a price as low as $0.099 per GH/s that is beating the market average fees. There is also opportunity to buy further altcoin contracts. As a special feature OxBTC also offers two types of deposits for bitcoins and paying reasonable interest rates. Overall the services provided by OxBTC are very appealing, however the fact that their parent company is running multiple cloud mining sites and does not provide real details about themselves is definitely a red flag that their operation might not be legitimate on the long run.