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Russisk lobbygruppe lancerer en ny kampagne mod anti-kryptolove

En gruppe russiske lobbyister under ledelse af advokatfirmaet Digital Rights Center har lanceret en ny kampagne mod lovgivningsmæssige initiativer, som de mener er til hinder for vedtagelse af kryptovaluta i landet.

The group has created a platform designed to help resist the adoption of laws that hamper the turnover of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Russia, Digital Rights Center annonceret tirsdag. Other founding members of the initiative include the Commission on Blockchain Technologies and Digital Economy, the Russian-wide public organization Investment Russia, and the nonprofit organization RosComSvoboda.

Called the “Public initiative of the crypto community in Russia,” the campaign argues that the proposed regulations of digital currencies in Russia “do not meet the needs of the market.”

“New laws complicate the use of cryptocurrencies in Russia and slow down the development of the distributed finance market,” the lobby group wrote. The activists emphasized that Russia’s existing laws and bills prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies as payment såvel som propose major penalties and jail terms up to three years for failing to report their crypto holdings.

The group has also initiated a public petition that is directed toward major Russian regulators including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Bank of Russia, the Federal Taxation Service, as well as the Russian State Duma Committee on Financial Markets.

Available on the petition service, the petition calls on the authorities to reconsider their approach to regulating crypto in the country. They also ho to prevent the adoption of four separate crypto-related regulatory initiatives, inklusive Russia’s new crypto taxation bill projekt. The State Dumagodkendt the bill in the first reading in February 2021.

The new petition comes amid rapporter that the Russian Federal Taxation Service intends to require citizens to inform authorities if they hold cryptocurrencies. The regulator plans to enforce this requirement as part of the federal bill on crypto taxes, according to an alleged brev to Data Economy — th local autonomous nonprofit organization.

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