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Red Hat Eyes Blockchain For Tracking When Customers Use the Cloud

Cloud computing giant Red Hat may be looking into tapping a blockchain-based system to track software usage. New marketing models for selling software on a cloud platform require new methods of tracking usage, and a blockchain may be able to efficiently store this information, according to a patent application released last Thursday by the U.S.…

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Google’s Cloud Services Finally Foray Into Blockchain

Google has been among the last major cloud vendors to hold out and not provide a blockchain offering. However, the technology giant has recently partnered with a provider of distributed ledger solutions to enhance the Google Cloud Platform through blockchain technology. ‘Failed to Be on the Bleeding Edge’ Recently, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and…

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Google Cloud Inks Deal With Blythe Masters’ Blockchain Startup

Digital Asset announced Monday that it teaming up with Google Cloud to provide a set of tools and services for solutions architects wanting to develop blockchain applications without having to code them from scratch. Through the partnership, Digital Asset will provide both software tools and support to developers entering the space, according to a press…

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Huobi Launches Service to Build Crypto Exchanges in the Cloud

Huobi, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by trade volume, is now offering a business arm to help customers build their own digital asset exchanges. Dubbed the Huobi Cloud, the service is set up to provide clients “a one-stop solution … [to enable] its partners to build secure and stable digital asset exchanges quickly,” according…

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Cloud Provider Xunlei Launches New Blockchain File System

Chinese technology company Xunlei Limited, known to some as the BitTorrent of China, announced Friday that it has launched a new distributed file system aimed at supporting blockchain platforms. The ThunderChain File System (TCFS), as well as three ThunderChain Request for Comments (TRC) standards, will help support blockchain development, the company said in statements. The…

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Cloud Giant Xunlei Claims Blockchain Advance With ‘ThunderChain’

Xunlei, the NASDAQ-listed cloud network provider, has launched its proprietary blockchain platform, despite ongoing class actions over an alleged initial coin offering (ICO). At a press event in Beijing on Friday, the company announced its open blockchain platform dubbed “ThunderChain,” which is designed to enable developers to build decentralization applications. Based on the practical Byzantine…

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