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Rabu ini jam 5 sore waktu Inggris! @ZK_Global akan menjadi tuan rumah @OhGodAGirl, salah satu ahli terkemuka dunia dalam penambangan PoW yang sebelumnya di Core Scientific dan Genesis Mining, untuk ‘Bukti Desain – Unsur Tersembunyi Bukti Kerja’ Lebih …

⛏ Rabu ini jam 5 sore waktu Inggris! @ZK_Global akan menjadi tuan rumah @OhGodAGirl, one of the world's leading expert in PoW mining who was previously at Core Scientific and Genesis Mining, for 'Proof of Design – Unsur Tersembunyi Bukti Kerja' ⛏More info: Obadia (@ObadiaAlex) Mungkin 11, 2020 Source by Alex Obadia

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Steve Jobs Widow Invested at Least $5M in Telegram ICO

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, invested in Telegram’s Gram tokens as part of its initial coin offering (ICO) for the Telegram Open Network (ANDA) proyek, according to BLOCTV, which cited a source familiar with the matter. Powell Took Part in Telegram’s First Pre-Sale Funding Round Laurene Powell, the widow of Apple co-founder

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Rapper Dismissed of Securities Fraud Charges for FLiK ICO

pada Maret 3, District Judge Charles Pannell dismissed a lawsuit claiming securities fraud charges against rapper ‘T.I.’ for selling FLiK tokens for his company’s initial coin offering (ICO) during August 2017. The judge failed to find concrete evidence of securities violations or negligent misrepresentation as T.I. made no claims regarding the value of the FLiK

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US Rapper Dismissed From ICO Lawsuit, Kevin Hart Still on Trial

Atlanta rapper T.I, real name Clifford Harris Jr, has been cleared of securities fraud charges stemming from his alleged promotion of the FLiK ICO. Namun, fellow defendants, businessman Ryan Felton, along with actor and comedian Kevin Hart, still have a case to answer. Court Clears T.I. of Securities Fraud Charges According to Law360, Amerika Serikat.…

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Ethereum ICO Pre-Sale Address Dumps 320,000 ETH in 3 Bulan

An Ethereum wallet address loaded with 530k ETH from the ICO pre-sale has dumped over half since September 25. Prior to this date the tokens had been HODLed since the 2015 Penawaran Koin Awal. Pre-ICO ‘Whale’ Account The wallet address (and recent sell-off) was brought to the public attention in a tweet from D5 -Data Science

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