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Which Stablecoin Is the Riskiest? The Crypto Market Is Pricing That In

The market is starting to differentiate between stablecoins, even though these cryptocurrencies are all designed to trade 1-to-1 with fiat. Several U.S. dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies are now trading either significantly higher or significantly lower than the greenback, reflecting investors’ perceptions of their relative risk. Given that stablecoins are typically used as on-ramps for investors looking to…

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Ether September Price Lows Could Signal End of Bitcoin Bear Market: Analyst

Ether (ETH) prices “capitulating” in September was “significant” to ending the 2018 cryptocurrency bear market, according to a new theory from one cryptocurrency analyst.  Thies: ‘We Were Looking In The Wrong Place’ In a series of tweets, UTR Equity’s crypto market commentator Eric Thies postulated that Bitcoin’s run to all-time price highs in December 2017…

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Numerai Opens Crypto-Powered Stock Betting Market to the Public

Hedge fund Numerai has just officially launched Erasure – its crypto-based data gathering and stock price prediction marketplace. Allowing experts earn or lose funds by staking them on stock market price predictions, the Erasure protocol has been active since June 2017, when Numerai distributed its “numeraire” tokens to data scientists, said founder Richard Craib. Now, the company…

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Bank of America: ‘Blockchain Could be a $7 Billion Market’

New estimates from Bank of America indicate that the global blockchain market could eventually hit $7 billion. Even though the analysis didn’t provide an actual timestamp, it outlined that marquee companies like Microsoft and Amazon can benefit greatly from the emerging technology and its widespread adoption.  Blockchain is a ‘Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity’ According to a…

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