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World Bank’s Blockchain-Based Bonds — A Step Toward Adoption?

In what is being called a world first, the World Bank has ordered the creation of a blockchain-based bond through Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA). It marks a very clear move by some of the world’s most influential financial institutions to start leveraging blockchain technology to improve their offerings. CBA has already developed the blockchain-based system,…

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Money or Assets? How World Governments Define Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies — what are they? Money? Commodities? Securities? Utility tokens? Or something else? Few national governments seem to be in any kind of agreement on this question, and for now, at least, their divisions have given such currencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum a floating, indeterminate status on the global stage. As a result, cryptocurrencies lack…

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Module Poised to Refashion the World of Mobile Device Storage

The era when smartphone users walked around with gigabytes of unused and underutilized storage space has come to an end. Module has developed a revolutionary blockchain-based technology that will allow individuals to lease their unused storage space for a variety of uses and be rewarded for it! Their talented group of Japanese programmers is developing…

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Blockchain Platform Offers Digital Collectibles of World Leaders and Politicians

A blockchain-based platform is giving people the chance to buy unique, digital collectibles inspired by public figures and political leaders — including politicians, such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, and media personalities, like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Each Crypton comes with a handcrafted image of the person it represents. Humorous or satirical “gaglines”…

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World Cup: $1.5 Billion Cryptocurrency Gambling Ring Busted in China

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have gone mainstream – and are now used for bets in the World Cup. But while some international stars are launching their own virtual currencies, other people are using them for more nefarious purposes. World Cup Bookmakers Raking It In As the World Cup comes to a close, many people have been…

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Future Utopias in a Blockchain World

Cryptocurrency run ‘utopias’ are popping up on both land and sea. These blockchain backed projects, outfitted with sustainability technology, paint a possible look into the future. On Land: Bitcointopia in Nevada Local news outlet The Nevada Independent, reported today that Bitcointopia, Inc. had purchased several parcels of land in rural Nevada over the past four months.…

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