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Theta Networks token går øverst 10 kryptoer ved markedsværdi

THETA, det oprindelige token til Theta Network - et decentraliseret blockchain-baseret videoudleveringsnetværk - er kommet ind i toppen 10 kryptokurver efter markedsværdi.

På tirsdag, THETA overtook Chainlink’s LINK as the 10th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap at nearly $11.5 milliard, ifølge data fra CoinGecko. Ved udgivelsestidspunktet, LINK’s market cap amounte to $11.2 milliard.

Kilde: CoinGecko

THETA has seen huge growth for nylig, gaining 70% over the past seven days and hitting new historical highs. The token is handel på $11.80, op 17% over det seneste 24 hours as of publishing time, ifølge data fra CoinGecko. Mønten har seen consistent growth i 2021, even outperforming Bitcoin’s (BTC) late-2020 rally.

THETA 90-day chart. Kilde: CoinGecko

THETA’s entrance to the top 10 coins by market cap comes soon after major altcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) dropped off the top 10 list in early March.

The new all-time highs for THETA come shortly after Theta Labs secured its second patent on designs for decentralized blockchain-based video and data delivery from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on March 16. Tidligere i marts, Theta Labs udgivet an open-source code for the Theta protocol version 2.2.0 on its GitHub.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, the Theta Network has been actively growing its validator program, attracting collaboration with Fortune Global 500 firms like Google, Samsung and Sony, as well as major industry firms like Binance, and Gumi. Theta Labs was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of virtual reality livestreaming company

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